Update large number of xml config files

I had to update about 425 configuration files for web applications, which would be time consuming, 
so I wrote this quick and dirty automation. Here's it for your convenience:
Get a list of files you want to update:
Get-childitem-Path"W:\RFM*\install" -recurse -include "*.xml" | %{$_.fullname} | out-file C:\list_configfiles.txt

Read the file, update the contents of the xml files and save them:

Get-Content .\configfiles.txt` 
| %Write-Host"$_" -NoNewline
$xml = [xml] $(gc "$_"); 
ForEach($site in $xml.configuration.sites.site)
if( -not( $site.backup)) 
$backupnode.InnerXml ="<backup><enabled>true</enabled><schedule>weekly</schedule></backup>"
[Void] $site.AppendChild($backupnode

Write-Host" OK" 

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